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I had a good little time with this one,

Thanks for the fun even if the frame rates were a bit.. off :P

Hey, i loved this game and i hope you guys still update it, not sure if you plan to, but i did love this game, good work.

Enjoyed that, thanks to all involved!

Gameplay Brazilian

It was a fun game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

was a fun game to play but all i recommend is to make it a little more brighter since its kind of hard to see

really good game i really love it but im a youtuber and when using it on my pc to see if i could record it the frame rate went down the drain please address  this issue ps love your guys work please keep me up to date  with my email at 

thanks yours sincerely jacob thanks

The FPS issues have been noted. I'm not sure how quickly we can address this issue due to the high graphic intensity the game is currently set on. Will update you soon. -Jacob



Not bad. I wish there had been more to this other then just shoot and kill but other wise it was decent. There was one glitch I noticed how ever I cut it from my vid. But randomly on the scafold jump section I would just slide sideways for no reason. Other than that I would love to see something from you guys again.

Thank you the feedback. We are aware of the sliding bug and are looking into fixing this at the moment. As for more work from us, we are discussing the potential of continuing this project further while we finish our studies. -Jacob

Thanks for the reply. Best wishes on your studies. I would really like to see a full version of this game someday. I did like it for what it was and what was there. Good job and Good luck!!

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I just love the 'grenades' in this game, feels so good to use them. Also, the game has an awesome atmosphere.

But this game also has some issues. Mainly the gameplay core: This games doesn't really know whether it's Doom or Super Mario. The jump and run doesn't feel so interesting and got me lost due to issues in the level design. More simplicity in the level design and more focus on just simply delivering a good doom-ish fps experience would serve this game really well in my oppinion (the boss fight *really* delivers, wish the entire game kept me on my feet before like it!)

Still, overall, it's a great indie fps experience!

Thanks for the feedback. We are currently in the process of refining the level based on feedback. Hopefully later iterations provide more of the same feel we went with on the boss fight. -Jacob

That was pretty neat DEVS. Thanks

good luck


Thanks for the video gameplay! this is really helpful for us to work out if people are doing what we expected. -Jacob